How to Check and Pay Online Iqama Fee

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia outfits living game plan award to segregates with a work visa. This is one of the most noteworthy reports, together with your Visa and Passport, which you must have while staying in KSA. Iqama by and large props up between 1 to 2 years and must be genuine while in spite of all that you’re living in the country. To keep invigorated on the authenticity of your living plan permit, you ought to just go to the KSA’s Ministry of Interior on the web iqama expiry.

The Iqama ID is a white card with yellowish 3D picture etchings. It contains your ID picture with words “Domain of Saudi Arabia Ministry of Interior” and “Residence Permit” engraved on it.

Your Iqama number is a 10-digit numerical blend found at the base spotlight section on the front pith of the living game plan card or now and again underneath your picture.

The third line on your Iqama is your Iqama number or ID written in Arabic digits just underneath the name written in Arabic. If you separate the Iqama number association, it is a 10-digits number. An iqama number association is a consecutive number given by Jawazat

Regardless of the way that Iqama can similarly be revived physically through the old methodology, anyway it should moreover be conceivable online now with the help

of Absher account. Your Sponsor can just login to Absher account and reestablish Iqama of all his dependent laborers

ensuing to paying the reviving aggregate cost

Iqama authenticity is one of the noteworthy stresses of a segregate living in Saudi Arabia. The Iqama expiry date is furthermore necessary when balancing some application structures.

Whatever the clarification you are here, I will give you essential systems to check your Iqama date expiry date.

There is a trick working nowadays where you can check your Iqama expiry date with no Absher account and besides paying little heed to whether you are the outside domain and don’t move toward your compact for affirmation code.

Let see the method a tiny bit at a time and I have moreover made a video to empower you to better;

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